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Discover the Magic of Arabic Reading

Lughati is your companion throughout your reading journey, from beginning to end!
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Our Benefits
Independent Learning
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Lughati offers learners the opportunity to learn independently and at their own pace
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Designed for Arabic
Lughati's activities are tailored to the unique qualities of the Arabic language
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Learning Made Fun
Who says learning can’t be fun? With Lughati, playing and learning go hand in hand
The Best Private Teacher

The Best Private Teacher

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Demonstration and mediation through animation
Diverse tasks catering to various skills and proficiency levels
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For Schools and for Parents
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For Parents

  • Teach your child to read with a game developed by dedicated experts
  • No need for a private tutor — Lughati adapts to your child's learning process
  • Receive personal reports on your child's strengths and areas for improvement

For Schools

  • Use it with your students, no need to be an expert reading skills teacher!
  • Let your students progress independently, even without a teacher present
  • Receive updates on the progress of your students and classes
Our Team

Our Team

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Yossi Shachar Swarts
Pedagogical director
Hora regional council
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Rinat Binyamin
Speech therapist
Reading instruction expert
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Ohad Stossel
Product manager
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Noha Abu Shriki
Special education coordinator
Arabic teacher
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Nagham Awad
Arabic language coordinator
Special education teacher
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Lotem Artzi
UX/UI designer
Product manager
Let's be in touch!

Let's Be in Touch!

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